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locking mailbox insert

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), identity and mail theft is our nation's fastest growing crime, affecting more than 9 million people each year and costing $5 billion dollars. Not only does this cause stress and financial loss; it also takes months and hundreds of hours to recover from your hectic situation.

Mail theft is one of the easiest and least sophisticated ways to steal your personal information. All a thief has to do is walk down your street and simply take your mail out of your unsecured mailbox.

Mail theft is now a big concern with almost anyone who doesn't have a locking mailbox insert or other way of securing their mail.

The Solution

While it may not provide for every situation, a locking mailbox insert is an economical and great way to take action and combat identity theft so you can protect your mail and personal information.

Our locking mailbox insert takes only minutes to install and can be used with your new or existing mailbox. The insert is made with 16 gauge durable steel and comes with two keys - only you hold the key, not the mail carrier

If you want, we even offer new mailboxes with our locking mailbox insert so you're
all ready to go.

Our locking mailbox insert:

  • Made with heavy 16 gauge durable steel.
  • Holds bills, letters, magazines, dvds, and more.
  • Can use with your new or existing mailbox.
  • Includes 2 keys. Only you hold the keys, not the mail carrier.
  • Finished with a durable powder coat.
  • Guaranteed to last & built with highest quality.

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